1. Very good riding skills.
  2. Medical insurance. Keigwins@theTrack does NOT provide medical insurance.
  3. Proper riding gear:
    • Uncrashed DOT helmet
    • One-piece or zip-together leather riding suit (or Aerostitch™ or equivalent)
    • Motorcycle-specific boots
    • Motorcycle-specific gloves
    • Back protector is strongly recommended
    • Ear plugs are also recommended
  4. Bike must pass a technical inspection. Excellent tires (near new), no leaks, good brakes, proper chain slack, etc.
  5. Prepared bike:
    • Remove or tape mirrors
    • Disconnect brake light, or remove bulbs/fuse, or completely tape brake light lens (no bleed-through!)
    • If the event is at Laguna Seca you will need a two-digit number on the front and right side of your bike -- 6" tall. Duct tape works fine. Sonoma track days do NOT require a number.
    The following preparation is optional:
    • Taping or removing headlights and/or turn signals
    • Safety wiring (this is welcome but not required)
    • Draining antifreeze and replacing it with pure water (Redline's Water Wetter ™ additive is recommended1).
  6. Sign waivers...both the racetrack's waiver and our company one. You will not be allowed to ride unless you agree to the terms and sign the waiver (or the minor waiver, for riders under 18).


1 For further information on Water Wetter, or to order online, click here.