Customer Feedback

Jesse (and Ken), I was in the novice group at ThunderHill this past Monday and Tuesday. OMG! My learning was nothing short of spectacular.  The combination of class and track was powerful. Overwhelming, but powerful. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated my four instructors, but specifically wanted to call out Hollis and Kamila. They were very different but in combination gave me the additional skill and confidence I was lacking.  I will certainly be signing up for more track time to become more proficient. 
PS - Please thank Dave Moss for setting up my ergonomics. That was highly informative as well.
PSS - I'm the guy the went out and bought the '1000XR'. I go a kick out of Kenny making a joke about that on day one.  Thank you.
-- Scott Broomfield June 23, 2017

I did the novice school on the 19th and 20th this month and really enjoyed the experience. The experience was unbelievable, the environment was friendly and the hospitality was fantastic. For a motorcycle enthusiast like me who had never experienced time on the track you guys provide the opportunity to realize a dream. Thank you for that! I had the pleasure to let the below snipe at me and all I can say is I learned aton and gained a ton in confidence as well. I cannot thank these guys enough who get to pass on their wisdom and passion for motorcycle racing to a novice like me and help me attain the necessary skill set to progress towards my goals.
Thank you! Michael Corcoran, Mike Feeney, Paul Vogal, Rob Burch, Dave Moss, Galen Cook, Pat Farrand.
-- Raj Arumugam June 21, 2017

I was fortunate enough to attend your novice school at Thunderhill on the 14/15 of September and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your program. I have attended a few different schools from various providers and yours was by FAR the most organized and informative. The printed packet that you provide to each student was a wealth of information that helped reinforce the skills and topics taught in the classes. It's a great resource that I continue to refer to. The instructor-to-student ratio was absolutely incredible! All of the instructors that I worked with were knowledgeable, observant and really seemed passionate about teaching. It really felt that your school was focused on the students and that every effort was made to accommodate us and our development into more skillful riders. In any case, I could go on, but I just wanted to say thank you. I will make every effort to attend your schools in the future.
-- Andrew S., September 30, 2008

I wanted to let you know that the intermediate school you guys put on last week was the second-most fun thing I've ever done on two wheels, second only to your novice school. The "sprint" really was exhilarating, even if all of us were incredibly nervous prior to. Your schools continue to be unparalleled; keep up the good work!
-- Charles Almy 6/17/08

I can't say enough about how well you and Linda run a track day. I've been to quite a few different schools and club days; yours are the best. I just wish YOU got more riding time while you are out there.
-- Lance Chubbic 5/01/08

The way you run your business and your actions speak louder than words. The things you do for your customers are above and beyond, and your integrity does not go unnoticed or unforgotten. I want to thank you for being so understanding, being great people and for running a fantastic operation.
-- Mark Baldridge 4/6/08

Between your awesome schools, track days, the advice you've offered me in your free time, your cheap tires and courteous, friendly and professional attitude toward your customers, I don't see any reason to look to anybody else for track time. I'll be sending everyone I know your way and coming to the track as much as I can.

I crunched some numbers in my head regarding how much it must cost you to run the schools and I don't know how you do it. You are truly a hero to this motorcycle community.
-- Nathan Perkins, 4/17/08

Thanks so much for a fantastic class! I just finished the Novice School and made more progress than I had ever expected, bringing my lap times down almost 30 seconds. Not only did I get much faster, but your instructors helped me do it safely and gradually, by building my skills. My confidence level is at an all time high. I especially liked your course format, with alternating classroom and track time. This helped me apply each bit of knowledge without overwhelming me.

And of course your instructors are top notch -- all with very positive, encouraging attitudes. See you at the track!
-- Stacy Menas 4/9/08

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything and wish you Happy Holidays. I also wanted to say that throughout my track experience I have not dealt with a more organized, professional and safety conscientious organization than Keigwins. You truly set the mark for everyone else out there. It really meant a lot to me when I drove down to Thunderhill all the way from Canada for the first time in June and you got me on the track even though I was at the very end of the waiting list. Since then, my commitment has grown and I just bought a track bike to keep down in Nor Cal so I can continue to attend your events. I am also working on getting my Canadian rider friends to start attending your events. Thanks again and see you next year!
-- George Myshlyayev 12/18/07

I recently attended my third track day with you, the Laguna day in November. The first one I attended was two years ago with just one friend. Your organization was so thought-out toward optimizing track time that I told everyone how much fun I had. So the next year I brought four more of my buddies & the weather was nice/dry. This November I managed to bring eight of my friends from southern Cal & the weather was perfect. Though I didn't realize it until the end of the day I got to ride around with Doug Chandler (super cool). Anyway I'm not one to write e-mails about this kind of stuff but you guys are the kind of people that made me want to start riding motorcycles. So keep up the great job! My riding buddies & I have committed to making ourselves fixtures at your Laguna track days & hopefully others as well.
-- Roger Martin 11/20/07

Your class was the most impressive that I have seen for motorcycle riding. The organization of the check-in, tech inspection, orientation, track rides, and classroom instruction, are professional and very well planned. In the classroom, you are very articulate in how you communicate and the material is very significant and understandable. I learned more in your 2-day class than I have in 20 years of riding.

I was also very impressed by your instructors. All of them were positive and enthusiastic about my learning. The time they spent with me to provide individual feedback was amazing. They really understand the technical aspects of riding and are very good at identifying areas of improvement when they observe the students. All of them were very good at communicating in a positive and supportive manner.

Thanks for such an incredible experience. I was pleased to attend and very pleased to meet a great group of people.
-- Devin Jones 8/5/07

I wanted to pass along my thanks for the wonderful service that your company provides. I have been riding motorcycles on the street for 23 years now and I feel like I learned more in 2 days in your school than I did within that entire time frame. The learning curve was almost in the vertical. Your school was the most fun I have had with my clothes on.

All of your instructors were exceptional and truly were there for the students. You could genuinely tell that your entire staff enjoys teaching and are some of the most professional individuals that I have dealt with in any business. Please pass along a special thanks to both Phil Rusin and Scott Wilson for me. Their ability to recognize my errors and convey/communicate corrective action in a positive manner was simply outstanding. They were clear, concise, and always had something positive to add to the critique. You could tell that they loved what they were doing and felt a little pride when the lap times started to get a little faster.

Your school was top notch and I have told anyone who will listen what a great experience I had. From the time I stood in line for registration until I loaded up on day two, I had a smile firmly planted across my grill. Thanks again,
-- Dave Murphy 7/28/07

I just got home after attending my second Novice school. It's hard to know where to start when telling you what a great time I had!! This is the best time that I have ever had on my bike. Period. From the awesome instructors to the relaxed format to the loads of information available, it was an amazing time. This is why I went twice, of course!!

Your whole staff creates such a warm, fun environment where everyone is totally safe and comfortable learning at whatever their level is. Even as great riders, I can see that they all remember vividly being in our shoes. I love your philosophy that there is no 'right' way to do anything, just good ways that can be tailored to each rider to make them successful, comfortable, and hopefully fast. My greatest moments on my motorcycle have been at your school. You have a loyal fan, definitely a repeat customer and a track junkie to your credit.

I have done trackdays with several different providers, and the instructors at your school are by far my favorite! What a list of talented riders. The first thing that I did when I got home from the Novice school the first time was look up the AFM webpage to see how many names I now recognized. It didn't surprise me at all to find that all of your instructors are at the top of their game. But they all also obviously love to teach, and they all seem very human. Every time I got sniped, I was amazed at how the instructor always seemed to pick the one thing that I needed to work on the most, and simplify it. I have improved a hundred times from where I was, and let me tell you, I'm only just getting started! You will see me many more times. I love this sport and its people more and more every time I ride.
-- Karen Goff 7/23/07

I enjoyed myself a lot at your novice school last week...heck, I always enjoy trackdays, but I *really* got a lot out of the way you guys organized things and hope to sign up for another novice or perhaps an intermediate next season.

I have to say that the more Keigwins days I do the more I like them. Top notch operation. Safe, fun, relaxed. The clientele is a bit more mature (hot-dogging is kept to a minimum) and the attitude from most participants and instructors is one of genuine caring and mentorship. Keigwins really took care of us the entire time we were there and they included food, entertainment, and a number of discounted services for cheap at the school. Like I said:top notch.
-- Heather Sanders 7/22/07

Thank you all so much for making a young girl and her proud dad very happy! Seeing that huge lineup of awesome instructors in the initial rider's meeting on the first day did a lot to calm my nerves. I knew we were going to be in safe and very capable hands.

I really cannot think of anything that you could do to improve the Novice's School. It is just perfect.
-- James Harwood 7/22/07

I want to thank you for the gracious family atmosphere.The entire experience makes me want to come back again tomorrow! Positive feedback that was perfect for me. (I have no negative feedback. I would give it if I had some.)

1. Gary talked about "leading the bike around the track" during the class lecture.The visual motions and description were exactly what I needed at that moment. I had experienced that on the track and I knew I was headed in the right direction. When I first bought my bike, I was amazed with the sensation of being "one" with the bike. Any of the other bikes I had ridden felt like I was sitting on top of them. The GSXR felt like I was literally "IN" it. Why would I want to leave a perfectly wonderful feeling like that? Like a turtle sticking his head out of his shell, I am starting to get the idea that there is more fun and excitement "outside" than there is "inside".

2. Seeing Aaron riding the demonstrations on the track at the end of the first day was inspiring. Watching all of the instructors riding the corners was worth the price of admission. Seeing Aaron riding at the same pace showed me that there was no reason for me to lower expectations for myself. What was that saying about old age and cunning?......

3. Cary was my instructor for Tuesday's one on one. His suggestions for improvement were "spot on". I'm sure I would have received the same type of feedback from any of the instructors, but with Cary being taller, he was able to help me with specific "long leg" issues.

I have recommended your school to many people without hesitation. Please thank everyone for all of their hard work and support!
-- Dan Thomas 7/19/07

Five of us (MSF RiderCoaches) attended the track day you put on at Thunderhill on Memorial day. It's been a long time since my last time on the track, so it was a great opportunity for me to mentally recalibrate my brain a bit, and improve my riding skills. I'd love to attend one of your two day events soon... I'm sure that would help me even more.

From my perspective, you put on a top notch, first class event. You consistently held to the schedule, there was never any question as to what was expected of the participants, the facility at Thunderhill was great (we took advantage of camping overnight prior to the event) and the services provided were well tailored to the track day.

Keep up the great work - your events will be rated very high to anyone who asks me.
-- Joel Christeson 5/30/07

Thank you so much for the novice school you held at Thunderhill earlier this week. It has changed my life, really. I've been riding on the street for years and didn't think it could get any better, but boy was I wrong. I had a blast! The instructors, the pace, the one-on-ones and the generally relaxed and friendly attitude really made this an awesome experience. I can't wait for the next track day! Dave Kresse and Rachel Davis, who have been attending your events for years, got me into this and I'm infinitely indebted to them. Keep up the great work!
-- Charles Almy 5/14/07

I attended the Novice school 5/8-5/9and would like to thank your instructor Craig Ayers for his awesome help. Through his help I managed to drop my times at T-hill from 2:40s to 2:09s by the last session of the day on 5/9. His "2 feet" rule on learning the lines for the track was awesome. Before I would always learn a track by going balls out and running wide all the time and chewing up the tires. His method made learning a track much smoother and calculated with a better end result. I couldn't believe the lap timer. I was consistently on the 2:10s-2:11s with 3 laps on the 2:09s. Thanks again. Looking forward to the intermediate school.
-- Duane Brinas 5/12/07

Thanks for the most amazing two days at the novice school. It was my first time on the track, and the whole time the learning curve never dropped off vertical! I progressed so far in those two days, that I convinced GotBlueMilk to only sell me the photos from day two (in retrospect, I looked terrible on day one!). The instructors were fantastic, and I was being sniped at least once every session!
-- Michael Carroll 5/11/07

I would like to thank you for an awesome novice school experience. My work requires I think on many levels and all of them revolve around providing a quality service with planning and relationship in mind. So Ifeel qualified to say that you really thought throughall the aspects to provide an engaging, fun, informative and challenging format.

The school wastuned perfectly for thegrowthof the riderover the two days, fromsimple sighting and reference points in the beginning, to more aggressive body posture andpassing techniques towards the end. The instructors always had timeto teach on track or answer questions, even if they were "off duty".

I have years of "fast" road riding bad habits to undo, but your instructors tackled them one at a time without overloading me with information. Thanks again!
-- Rich Hone 5/9/07

Wow, thank you for the quick reply. That makes my day. Last year was my first track day experience and it was with your organization. I came to 3 last year. I have to say that it was a well run machine, but also very friendly to new track riders like myself since I worried about being with "track" people. It was enough of a good thing for me to invest in a track bike and I even got my motorcycle trailer so I guess I have become a junkie.

I plan on attending at least 7 events this year including the 2 day school in May. I have been to a Keith Code school and so can say with an objective point of view that your schools are much better in format and time on the track, which is key. I did your novice school last year and finally got my knee down with the help of one of your instructors. Great guy, I think his name was Todd.

Anyhow, thanks again and don't change a thing. See you in April!
-- Jem Geylani 2/13/07

I want to commend you on running a top notch school. I was extremely impressed with every aspect of the school " the curriculum, class instruction, the ability of the instructors to convey their instructions in an easy to understand manner, the punctuality of the entire weekend, etc. What surprised me most was the complete lack of ego of the instructors, and the fact that everyone seemed genuinely intent on doing their best to make our experience a positive one. Thank you for running an excellent school!!
-- Scott Bragg 9/24/06

I attended your track school on September 18-19, and I just wanted to thank you guys again for a PERFECT experience. There isn't one thing I would change. Both my one-on-ones were fantastic. You could tell that all the instructors really cared about helping, and it was an inspiration to me in my own work. I'll be back!
--Travis T 9/24/06

I'd like to thank you for a wonderful learning experience the last few days. Your novice school was top rate, well worth the money and wonderfully fun. I will recommend it highly to friends and will be seeing you very soon for sure.
-- Peter Leduc 9/20/06

I just wanted to thank you (Linda) and Lance for an absolutely wonderful track weekend. This was my first experiencing and from what I'm told it doesn't get any better than a Keigwin Event. Thanks again!
--Tim Ferguson 9/12/06

I was one of the guy's in the group fromSeattlewho made it down. I just wanted to say how much fun weall had.This was byfar the besttrack day I'vebeen to.Everything was organizedand things ran really, really smoothly. Definitely appreciate all of the hard work that everyone put into this event.You guys run one of the tightest programs out there. I'll definitely be signing upfor another.
-- Jason Hynes 6/7/06

I wanted to send you a note following the recent novice school. It is rare for me to write something like this, but I cannot get the experience out of my mind. The experience was EXCELLENT! The support was EXCELLENT!

I teach scuba and have been involved with a broad range of students with varying abilities and concerns. Many times I watch other instructors use that platform to further their own egos and personal needs. I found myself on the other end and I could not have asked for a better outcome. I felt nervous and concerned regarding my personal abilities and the reaction of others to my beginner status. But everyone involved in the experience was truly outstanding. I received expert instruction and encouragement as I worked through the class. I scared myself once and was a little overwhelmed mid-day, but by the end of the day, I was having a great time and I knew this was something I wanted to do. I am much more comfortable on my 1150 GS and I feel like I have a better idea of how much room I have to maneuver on that bike.

I would like to thank all of the instructors and staff for their friendliness and support. I had the perfect experience.
-- Dan Thomas, 4/23/06

Thank you once again for providing an excellent learning environment and superb instructional opportunities at your Thunderhill Novice School April 10-11. This was my first track experience, so I was very nervous and unsure of what to expect, so I registered for the B group. After familiarizing myself with the track, and receiving some very helpful tips from Scott and Patrick, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my performance. Patrick suggested I move to the A group following lunch. The post-lunch sessions were amazing as I continued to improve, and seized opportunities to follow Mark's lead around the track. Anyway, I want you to know that I had the time of my life, learned a great deal, and will be back for much more!
-- Chris Bassett 4/12/06

I want to say thanks to you and your staff for a great time at Thunderhill last Saturday. The absence of rain made the day good but your staff made the day great. I drove up all night from LA alone, never having been to Thunderhill. I was a little intimidated by the track but your staff put me at ease. The grid guy...I forgot his name...made sure an instructor followed me around since I missed the morning sighting laps. After 2 laps, we pulled into the pits and he gave me a few key tips and markers to go by.

As the day went on, Linda helped familiarize me to the track facilities and some of the vendors. Throughout the day, staff members would ask how I was doing and if there was anything they could do for me. Even as I wasleaving at the end of the day, the guy on the grid stopped me to make sure my day went well.

Thanks again, Lance. That was the best trackday experience I've ever had.
-- Roy Pascual 4/10/06

I would like to thank you for the excellent track experience I had at Laguna Seca. It had been more than a year since my last full track day. In the past I was always straightforward with people about my fear of this track. Now, thanks toyour "no rush, take it at your own pace" philosophy, I feel that I now have a better understanding of the Laguna Seca layout.

I must admit that after the first sighting lap I was ready to sell my bike and give up on motorcycling for good. I wondered why the hell I had even bothered to come out here in the first place! All the turns frightened me even the slower ones and I made this known to all in the paddock who asked me how I was doing. Surprisingly everyreply to my attitude was met with words of encouragement andfrom both instructors and fellow riders telling me to go at my own pace and just enjoy myself. I stuck with it and did go at my own pace.

After lunch I decided I would start to increase the speed. By the session after that I couldn't wipethe grin off my face. My attitude made a complete 180. My easy pace earlier in the day had allowed me to take notice of the tracks layout.I was breaking later and cornering fasterand screaming woo-hoo in my helmet so loud that I couldn't hear my engine. When I returned to the pit I was surprised to see how many people instantly noticed my progress. I was eager to go out now. I was having fun!

Laguna Seca went from being my least liked track to my favorite. I attribute this all to the attitude and tone you set for those who attend your track days. I feel it keeps people safe and makes them better riders. I never thought I'd overcome my fear of Laguna but with your help I did and it's an experience that will never leave me. Thank You.
-- Hilland Percival 1/25/06

We recently met at your excellent 2 day school at Thunderhill. In addition to having literally the best time of my life at the school, I also was selected as a winner for one of your Reno Fernley track days next year. I can't wait! I will likely grab a couple more days on track, maybe even another school event, with you guys before then. Here are some things I said about the school on my website:

As far as the Keigwin school goes, I can't say enough good things. The instruction was top-drawer, and the instructors were seemingly all actual racers. There was none of the "track day junkie" instructor garbage that you often receive at car events, in which each instructor only knows "the line" and can offer you nothing once you too have learned that there is no such thing as a good early apex. The Keigwin instructors were happy to discuss alternate lines, and encouraged all of us to ride everywhere on the track, to gain experience in a wide line, or on the outside edge of the apex. Their theory is that it is good to know what the surface is like everywhere, because someday, you will screw up, or get passed, or push yourself, and you will end up in an unexpected place. Better to be as prepared as possible! I fully agree.

-- Chris Webber 11/16/05

I am very impressed with the Novice school I attended on Oct. 24 & 25. It was my 1st time at the track and I had a blast! Craig Wierman is an awesome instructor. I am now completely hooked on the track and want to familiarize myself with the 3 tracks AFM races. I have been hearing about a novice racing program that is to start up next year that I would actually feel comfortable racing as opposed to racing against all the fast guys. Anyway I am so impressed with your track day program that I really want to purchase a ten day pack as do my two friends that were with me who are also interested in racing. I want to sign up for your intermediate school, new racer school and do several track days with you next year. My friend who races referred me to you with a high recommendation. I have thanked him many times over for directing me to your awesome track day program! How can I sign up for a 10 pack and get going for next year?
-- Gregory Rocha 11/1/05

I attended your Noviceclass at Thunderhill on October 24-25. You run at absolutely first class operation. I do not please easily at all. It seems to methese days thatcustomer service, organization, etc. lags far behind the old days. From the minute I went onto your detailed web-site until I left the track on Tuesday, I was totally impressed with you and your staff. I simply cannot say onenegativething about the whole experience. Everything blendedwell, instruction, humor, details, friendlystaff input, etc.Don't change a thing. I attended the class to become a better street rider and gain some moreknowledge. Ihave no intentions of racing bikes. But that said, I feel more confident and experienced since attending your school. This can only makeme a better street rider. Keep up the great work.
-- Mychael Pierce 10/27/05

Thanks again for the great time Brian and I had at your school. You do a remarkable job at customer service. Your instructors are incredible. I still can't figure them out. They dedicate all their time and energy for little or no monetary gain. Your company must be more like a family than a company. It sure feels that way .

All the little things you do for us really makes me/us desire to return to your schools... the complimentary drinks, lunch, the beer and pizza (nice touch), the camping, access to Moss the suspension guy, etc. It all adds up to a great experience.

This time we stayed for the subsequent trackday too. I can't tell you how much fun it was. We noticed that at the trackday more riders "rode off" than at your school. Then I realized why: because your school has done a successful job of teaching us the proper way to ride a track.

In the wrap-up meeting someone mentioned how the instructors did a good job being consistent in their critiques of students. And I concur with that. On the first day, on the first track session I was pulled over 3 times in 5 laps by three different instructors, each diplomatically telling me the same thing. Slow down, you're too squirrelly. You would think sooner or later I would get the message. But thanks to good instructors, I finally did. I am still slow (and maybe a tad less squirrelly) but I improved tremendously in the two days of your schools instruction, and I had a blast doing It"�.. My hat is off to you.
-- Tony Furia 10/27/05

I was a student in your 2-Day Novice school on Oct 24-25, 2005 at Thunderhill Raceway. I wanted to thank everyone again for taking the time and interest in helping me develop theriding skills I want to pursue. I felt more confident in my capabilities thanks to Carey's input during my 1-on-1 sessions. I also appreciated all the instructors sniping and giving me some great recommendations. I definitely will return for track days and even another school. It was put on great, two days was well worth it. Just the right amount of track time.
-- Andrew Ruminson 10/27/05

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thanks for a great day this past Sunday. When I arrived home, I told my wife that this had been the best organized, best run track day I've attended to date! Thank you, and congratulations on the production of a super product!
-- Tom Ullmann 10/18/05

I wanted to thank you and your instructors again for running a fantastic school. I had more fun those past two days than I've had at any race weekend! The instructors that I worked with (Doug, Matt, Mike) couldn't have been better, and were all able to give me feedback and demonstrate lines and techniques specific to my bike.
-- Elaine Ou 9/23/05

Just wanted to send a quick note to say how much fun I had at Monday's track day. I've been to virtually all the different track days and schools offered in northern California. Yours is consistently the best organized and most fun. I'd also like to give special recognition to Carey. I was stuck at 2:18 until Carey worked with me for a couple sessions. With his help, I got down to 2:14! Thanks again!
-- John Basket 9/22/05

Thanks for a great time at the track. I always enjoy your trackdays but these past 2 days were the best ever! The one-on-one timewas a huge help. Both instructors pointed outobservations that I hadn't been told before that made a HUGE difference on my riding. Not only wasI smoother by the end of day 2 but I had so much more confidence out there(like in turn 14, my least favorite turn). Also, the classroom lectures seemed to cover new topics or new approaches to discussing the familiar topics. Even the student booklets were better. The pictures with the different turns and the different lines people take to go through those turns were great. Having that all in the booklet allowed me to focus better on what was being said, rather than try to scribble everything down, add my own notes, and listen all at the same time. Thank youfor organizing such a top-notch school. I had a blast! I'm still smiling from the experience. :-)
-- Kathy Kuwaye 9/23/05

First, I wanted to say what an absolutely SPECTACULAR time I had attending your Novice School. Your staff, the instructors, and the other participants were so friendly and enthusiastic - it was just amazing. Really, it was just so much fun that I can hardly express it. In fact, as soon as I got home I found myself going on line to see when my next track opportunity might be. A number of us are considering going back to T-Hill in November (12/13)! Thanks for your help, and thanks again for an awesome track experience.
-- Rich Pineo 9/7/05

Hi Lance! I just wanted to again tell you that I had a wonderful, wonderful time at your novice school last week. I'm so very impressed at how you run the thing down to every last detail. I have been street riding for 5 years now and taking your school opened my mind up to so many new and different techniques. I haven't bothered with a track timer yet since I just want to get the basic techniques down first than be worried about becoming faster but it sure feels like I gotten a hell of a lot faster! I am definitely coming back to take your intermediate and advanced schools when my skills actually meet that need. I hope one day I can get good enough to volunteer as one of your awesome instructors. They're all so good. Anyway, take care and see you again for my next trackday.
-- Jamie Escobar 9/6/05

I am so excited that I just signed up for another track day! I wanted to say thank you for the incredible experience of your Novice School. I had such a wonderful time, I can't tell you! You have an amazing staff comprised of very positive, intelligent, and motivating professionals that made me feel very welcomed and encouraged. I was thoroughly impressed through the entire process on everything from how organized the operations were to the courtesy of your staff. I look forward to getting to know them better as I join more and more track days and schools. Thank you for such and incredible introduction into the sport of track riding and I will see you soon!
-- Aisha Guler 9/3/05

I just want to tell you that I had an awesome time on my 1st trackday with you guys. Thunderhill is AWESOME!!! I'm glad I went for this 1st day because now I have a ton of questions for the 2-day novice school coming up. The day was unforgettable,especially because I blew my trailer tire on the way home and was stranded for 2 hours! That's another story though. Take care and see you in a couple weeks.
-- Jamie Escobar 8/5/05

I did my first K@TT day on July 3rd, and I must say you do an awesome job at running a track day.
-- Brian R. Jones 7/11/05

I wanted tothank you and your crew again for doing another superb job running the best track days out there! After being away from the track for almost 2 years from an injury, and returning to school I signed up to get back in the saddle again with you guys for a day.

~ The day was flawless, and clearly one of the best track days I've ever had yet.

~ TheGotBlueMilk photographer was incredibly talented, and reasonably priced.

~ Your crew was excellent in their response to all our questions and requests.

I wanted to also let you know that Joe, one of your instructors, helpedto make my experienceone of the best riding days of my life! Joe was articulate,patient, and encouraging. He helped me realize I needed some feedback from somebody other than my lesser experienced riding buddies. The critique he gave me provided SOmuch insight. I broke barriers, and stood confidently onnew ground with Joe's advice. Heencouraged me to step out of my humble approach, and try the A group. I Loved it! You guys are THE best in the business!
-- Marty Wilson 5/12/05

I know you hear this constantly, but here's one more...NICE JOB! You really know how to pull off an incredible event each and every time. You were right...many of the REAL fast guys weren't there, so I had a blast in the "A" group.
-- Kurt Burgess 4/3/05

Thanks Man, you are the watermark for organizing track days. You do it well, you are worthy of compliments. I can say that because I have been to just about every other track day there is, and yours are the best, hands down. I'm looking forward to the racer school 4/27!
-- Joe Aspatore 3/18/05

I don't usually e-mail people, much less with kudos, but you run a great business. All your people were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. My friends and I are so excited about your 2 day novice school. It was so nice to have someone take an interest in a beginner like me. Your wife and son (I think) were very nice to us. Craig stoppedand talked to our group and even did a lap with me and gave me some tips on how to improve on my riding. My wife and kids came by at lunch time and couldn't believehowmuch fun I was having. That feeling of trepidation turned into giddy fun. I really feel like I improved some and am looking forward to seeing all of you again soon. Thanks again for the great time,
-- Bob Nishida3/15/05

Lance & Linda, thanks for another wonderful well organized day this past Sunday @ Buttonwillow. I drove 300 miles to be a happy "vulture". Hopefully Sears on May 6th I will be as fortunate. Oh...thanks, Linda, for the lap timer and the brief instruction; you're right, it was easy. Lance, the discount Power Stands certificate was cool. I ordered my stand right away. You two really know how to run a successful, fun, organized track day. I ride three a month at different tracks and there is a difference. Rock on!
-- Spencer Stuart 3/7/05

Hi Lance! Well.. my very first Track Day (not a school) was very exciting! You and Linda really do run a fantastic program. The day was very challenging and fun for me. But I like that. I must admit that I was a little nervous about not having an instructor to watch over me, but Eric Arnold was more than happy to help me out, and I really appreciated that. So THANK YOU.
-- Melissa Marr 3/8/05

I just wanted to say thanks and a very well done to you and your crew. It had been a year since my last track day and yet was greeted by your staff as though it were last weekend. Questions are always answered and indeed info volunteered. It seems your attitude infects your clientele as I saw a LOT of smiling faces. Thanks again
-- Charley Blunt 2/14/05

I attended the Oct 12 and 13 track school and it was by far the best dough I've spent on motorcycling! I just want to commend you and your team for a job well done!
-- Michael Wu 10/20/04

Just a quick note to thank you for a great novice school this week. I learned a tremendous amount and thought the format was great. The instructors and "sniping" techniques were awesome. They were all very helpful. I did a one-on-one w/Simon who was very patient, answered questions with great explanations. No arrogance and by the end of the two days, partially because I was parked next to him, I felt I made a friend. He was great. Thanks again and keep on keepin on!
-- Eric Martin 10/15/04

I am sitting here with sore thighs and lower back, and want to thank all of you for the pain you have inflicted. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you, and I know that I am riding much better and faster as a result of your efforts. The school was so well organized and planned that I was able to learn and absorb new habits and behaviors that will keep me thinking and improving for years to come. I feel that I have made a quantum leap in ability, and I look forward to putting my new skills to use at the next track day.

I must also thank and praise Simon in particular. I was very fortunate that I was able to spend extra time with him, and felt that I was getting extra attention. He was very patient and adept at spotting some of the many errors in my form, and always found a way to explain and correct in a way that was always positive and insightful. I am still amazed at what he is able see, and still remain on track.

I think that my biggest accomplishments were dragging both knees and turning 2:14 laps.. Thanks again, and as I sit patiently on the wait list for Laguna and Sears Pt, I hope to see you soon.

P.S. The on track services that you arrange are yet another factor that separates you from the other organizers. You provide a much more organized, professional event than any one else in the business, and that translates to a more enjoyable day.
-- Steve Baumhoff 10/15/04

It is the personal attention you extend to your customers that makes people come and ride with you. I do have my ear out there and riders have nothing but good things to say about you, Linda and the way you do business. In our professional world filled with bad service, you shine.
-- Sabine Axt 10/14/04

Jim, Doug, Michael, Lance and the staff: You guys did an awesome job. I can't imagine how other track hosts (who charge a lot more) could do any better, and I'm sure the AFM is happy with how you are running it. The way it was seamlessly woven into a track day was fantastic. Lance, from now on I'm sending new racers who come up through my riding community to your school. I already recommend your track events, and I can't say enough about how well you conduct everything you and Linda do. Thanks again,
-- Steve Fischer 9/1/04

I just wanted to say thanks for a great trackday on August 18th at T Hill. Following you for those 5 laps around the track were probably the funnest (and fastest) laps I have ever done on any track. I'm really looking forward to my next trackday with you, and I can't wait to learn more from one of the true greats. Thanks again Lance, and my friends (Gerald Aguon, Joe Aspatore, etc.) all wish Linda a speedy recovery. Thank you,
-- John Nguyen 8/19/04

Just writing to thank you for such a great novice school. I had a great time, learned a TON, and was very impressed with the instruction I received from you and your many instructors. Every detail seemed to be worked out, from the sessions to the cold drinks to having pens for all of us to use, it was amazing. You've done an excellent job, and I'll be telling all my friends about it.

You'll definitely see me again soon. In fact, I'm considering getting out of 10 years of auto racing and getting a real track wife is already rolling her eyes!
-- Rich Keenan 8/3/04

First of all, thank you for making a spot on your roster, especially on such short notice. There are a lot of people out there that would not have made that exception and I would have just been out of luck.

Secondly, thank you for an OUTSTANDING two days. I have been to quite a few open track days and even attended another track based school, so I'm not a complete track newbie. But I learned a lot and re-enforced a lot of skills and techniques. I think your two day/45 minute sessions format is GREAT. I allowed me to attempt new concepts or methods and still remain fresh throughout the day.

Bottom line is I wanted to express my thanks to you, your instructors and your support staff for putting together an outstanding event that was enjoyable and beneficial.
-- Martin Lendway 8/2/04

I just wanted to send you a quick email. Regarding the 2-day Novice school on July 29-30, I had a blast. It was the first "track oriented" school that I've taken. I took CLASS and American Supercamp earlier this year and found them both to be great schools, but yours was the best, hands down. In fact, I couldn't think of anything to put down on the improvement section of the school survey. CLASS is great for street riding and Supercamp for dirt, and each have contributions to track riding, but the focus on track riding skills improvement in your school is perfect for the aspiring racer to casual trackday attendee. With the help of your attentive staff and yourself, I was able to shave almost 7 seconds off of my personal best of 2:25.98 to get to 2:19.20. To me, that's huge. Thanks a lot! Racing AFM seemed like a far off goal, but after your school, I think that I may be ready in a few years.
-- Mark Pananganan 8/1/04

I never got a chance last time I was at T-hill to thank you for another amazing educational experience! I decided to repeat the novice school in May to trytoput a few more pieces in placeand get some much neededcorner passing experience in an appropriateenvironment. As usual, your staff was awesome, James Evans in particular. I'll have to refer to him as simply "The Godfather" from now on, since he gave me all the tools and encouragement I needed to finally reach hollowed "ground". I was on a brand new bike that I had picked up only the day before loading into my truck, and it was my first 1000. Still, I was afforded all the confidence I needed to ride it out of the gateas if I was on my oldtrusty F4i, withmaybe a little more attention on throttle control...whoa!I'm assuming I now posses the skills needed to be totally comfortable in your intermediate school, and I'm really looking forward to my continued improvement and enjoyment of the sport with the assistance of your first-rate team.
-- Ben Wilmington 7/15/04

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you thanks for the great class this week. Your instructors, notably Chris Johnson and Simon Williams were fantastic. Simon lent me multiple parts for my bike without hesitation on Monday night. Without his generosity and help with install I would not have been able to carry on with day two. After all the parts, he then gave me a one on one lesson that changed the way I will ride on the track forever. Chris spent some extra coaching time on Monday that I think will make me a better, safer rider. All of your instructors were friendly, approachable, happy and knowledgeable, which made for a great learning atmosphere. You can count on being my first choice for future classes and track days. Thanks again.
-- Adam Cosner 7/1/04

I had a great time at the intermediate school on Monday & Tuesday! That's the second best track school I've attended, Freddie Spencer's school being number one. You're far better organized than CLASS or STAR with much more personal attention. I respect Keith Code's organization and specific drills to practice each time on the track, and the personal attention and feedback you get each time on the track (albeit brief) is great, but doesn't compare with your one-on-one sessions. It was a really great time and I hope you schedule more of these in the future. I know many of my friends would love to come.
-- Tim Andre 7/1/04

Re the Intermediate School on June 28-29: The practice starts and short sprint races at the end of the intermediate school were great fun! What a wonderful way to cap a couple days of instruction. I was actually surprised you really let us do it knowing that some students would get too excited, but I'm sure glad you gave us the opportunity to have a small taste of racing; it was a great learning experience. PLEASE KEEP THIS OPTIONAL EVENT IN THE FORMAT. Even the students that didn't line up to race still really enjoyed the event itself.

You already run the best schools because you have instructors that are good, knowledgeable AND helpful. Fast riders are a dime a dozen, but fast riders who can actually teach and who really care enough about the student or new rider to help them progressin the sport are rare indeed. It is obvious to everyone at the Keigwin schools that the instructorsreally care about helping the students learn to ride better; this is what sets the Keigwin schools apart from every other track day event or school. It is extremely frustrating to go to a school where the instructors are there to ride and practice themselves rather than teach, but I have never experienced even a hint ofthat problem at Keigwin schools. THE KEIGWIN STAFF IS SIMPLY THE BEST. The attention to teaching shows up in the (a) printed materials, (b) use of a bike for one-on-one body positioning, (c) use of photos from the actual people in the class for body positioning (really drives home the point), (d)well prepared track and turn maps showing the best lines, (e) great lessons on relaxing, passing, looking ahead, and the traction circle and (f) the one-on-one riding instruction focused or tailored tothe studentsneeds. The race at the end of the second day was just icing on the cake--a fun way to end a great school. Thank you!
-- Clay Stucki 6/30/04

Thanks again for the great time last Mon/Tues at the Intermediate School. I've learned more in your school than at Star or other schools - by far!!!. Keep up the good work :)
-- Daniel Auer 7/1/04

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much fun I had on Monday and Tuesday. I have been racing cars since 1979 and have in the past had the typical racer attitude that I knew everything there was to know about auto racing. But I knew that even though I started riding motorcycles at the same time, I knew nothing about going fast on them. This weekI got way more than I had hope for. You guys took me from a rookie with tentative skills to a rookie with confidence. Now I am ready to work on those skills and fine tune them so that I can make the next step without visiting the hospital.

The friendly attitude of you and your staff was a real shocker, I am so used to people that have as big an attitude as they have speed. Itreally was arefreshing change. I will definitely be back and bring some friends with me.
-- Scott Lampkin 5/21/04

I recently attended your two day Novice School at Thunderhill! I would like to thank you and your Staff for a wonderful experience. I was able to learn many new riding techniques which will make me a better and safer street rider. The atmosphere at your school was upbeat, positive and without "egos". I complement you and your Staff for making me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the course! I will highly recommend your school to others and I hope to attend some track days in the future. Keep up the good work!
-- Paul Arguelles 5/21/04

I recently attended your 2 day Novice School May 17-18. I have been to Track Days run by other outfits both as a rider and an observer. I have to say that hands down you guys are the best. Everything from your setup, instructors, classroom sessions is top notch. In fact I was so impressed that I will be signing up for the upcoming Novice School in July. I will not hesitate to recommend your school to anyone who is thinking about doing a track day. Once again, thanks for a great experience. I feel that not only have my riding skills improved but I am a safer rider because of it. Keep up the good work and see you in July.
-- Tony Delgado 5/19/04

I just wanted to send a quick email in regards to the new AFM racer school. Unfortunately I planned to ride both days at Infineon but weather did not cooperate. Anyways I was wanted to say thanks for your professionalism and dedication to customer service; knowing we were going to be unable to ride but needed an evaluation prior to the first race you immediately were on the phone to try and find a date prior to the first race and were successful in getting us a date for the 15th at Thunderhill. I just felt something needed to be said in regards of how hard you work to accommodate riders. Thanks again!
-- Rory Vannoy 2/27/04

I just got back from the AFM New Racer School you conducted at Sears on 2/25. I told some of my friends who currently race in the AFM. They all said your school was much more informative. I personally learned a lot from all of the instructors...really happy I went to your school rather than the AFM one. Keep up the good work!
-- Mike Rosa 2/27/04

The Novice School I attended is probably the single most exciting thing I have ever done. As an ex-Air Force pilot and competitive water-skier, that says quite a bit for you and the school you run. Great job, and I appreciate the one-on-one time that I was given. It really seemed like the instructors cared that I was shaving 2 seconds off my lap times. Actually, I think I dropped about 20 seconds that day!
-- Cort Neuman

You and your crew provided a great day at Thunderhill on 18 Nov.'03. It was my first time at Thunderhill and I will definitely be back for more track-time and training in 2004. A couple of two-day sessions at Streets of Willow and Laguna Seca, with CLASS earlier this year, helped immeasurably in preparing me. I was not expecting my first-ever "open track" experience to be so seamlessly organized, and had never even heard of you or your company until a few days prior to the event. You and Thunderhill are really well-matched and extremely well-organized. Congratulations! I am totally impressed and have read everything on your web site, now!!!
-- Steve Norbeck 11/28/03

I attended the 11-17-03 Trackday at T-Hill and had a great time. This was my 3rd event I did with K@TT and each event I have had a blast. I wanted to let you know that the flexible group format, and the great instructors that you provide at each event you host, sets you apart from the rest. The great instructor was Gary Wemyss. He was a big help to me and my girlfriend at the last event. See you in 2k4!
-- Paul Clanton 11/27/03

Just wanted to say Thank You! This past Monday was my first track day with your company. Very impressive! I ride for a law enforcement agency here in northern California, and the efficiency and professional manner in which your operation was run is the standard, despite the weather, number of participants, and yes, the few accidents. You and your team never ceased to amaze me.

Let Doc Wong, know his additional remarks at the new riders briefing, as well as his guided tour (via the DOC.WONG.COM VAN) was icing on the cake to your teaching.
-- Elias B. 11/19/03

Just wanted to say you run a great track day and the food was outstanding. It was very helpful when you took the "B" group around the track after lunch making suggestions on turn in and braking, though I had been there 4 times before. My only "complaint" was I was not aware you rented out lap timers until the end of the day when someone mentioned they had. I would definitely go again and recommend K@TT.
-- Robert Graham 10/30/03

I had a good time Monday and Tuesday. Hit a personal best of 2:16. I just wanted to compliment you on how organized and smoothly your track days run. Monday when there were two groups I was able to log 170 miles for the day. With other track organizations I've only been able to do 130 if I was lucky. The last time I was at T-hill with another organizer we never completed a full session all day because there were so many crashes. See you next year and thanks for everything.
-- Michael Chervenak 10/23/03

I recently attended you Novice School at Thunderhill on 10/22/03. I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that it was the best track event that I have ever attended. I was really impressed with how the school was run and by the quality and dedication of your instructors. I was able to sign up for a one on one session with Gary. I learned a lot from him about body position and riding the proper lines around the track. I was also very impressed with the sniping instruction. There isn't the pressure of knowing that there is an instructor watching you ride. Before you know it, an instructor pulls in front of you, pulls you into the hot pits and gives you on the spot instruction on what was just observed. You can then head right out and practice. Thanks again for a job well done. I'm really looking forward to the 2004 schedule. Consider me a regular at your schools.
Tony Delgado 10/23/03

I am so glad that I was able to fix my bike so I could attend the class. I learned so much in this one day than I have riding on my own (mostly commuting) in the past two years and now am looking forward to attending more track days to put to practice what I have learned. I mostly wanted to say thank you and to let you know that this was the best $270 "Performance Modification" that I have invested in my motorcycle. Thanks again, and hopefully I will see you at future track days.
-- Rick 10/23/03

THANK YOU!!! From the first time I was in the shop, just recently, I have had nothing but the best impression of both Hare Racing and now K@TT as well. Well-run, professional organizations, and top-notch people, incl. yourselves, your shop staff, and your coaches. Thumbs up!! My debate now is whether to "re-take" the Novice School, or to jump in to the Intermediate next.... right now I'm most inclined to re-take the Novice School, but we'll see. Many thanks for a great experience. It is obvious that a great amount of track experience, thought, and care has been put into creating the K@TT novice school.
-- Tamara Meier 9/3/03

Thanks for a great day. I have been to STAR and CLASS and your school was a whole lot better. I definitely got my money's worth.Your instruction and one on one time was much better. Your instructors really put out the effort to help us (unlike some schools where they just race each other around the track). I did not want to embarrass anyone at the "after school briefing session" so I will tell you about one of your instructors who deserves special mention. Joe Hutt was out on the track in the afternoon with the B riders. I had a one on one to follow. He was obviously tired but went out with me. We rode 5-6 hard laps. We came in and pulled in to my pit. I handed him a drink and he nearly vomited right there from heat exhaustion. After he regained his composure he spent 15-20 minutes telling me what I could do better and where I could go faster. After a rest I went back out and dropped 3 seconds off my best time. Afterwards when I told him about my improved times he was more excited than me! You were right, your instructor's are the best!
-- Kevin Kaiser 7/23/03

I just wanted to thank you for a great Weekend!!!!! I must say I love the way you run your track days!!! 30 min. sessions, awesome lunch, not too many riders. That is way cool. I will be back!
-- Tom Trainer 6/29/03

Just a quick note to say thanks for a fantastic event at Buttonwillow yesterday. Your focus on safety, timeliness and professionalism was much appreciated. The group your event attracted was much different than that of other events we have attended, more mature and safety conscious I guess. Cary and I are looking forward to more of your events in the future.
-- Dave Smart 5/27/03

I was with you-all at Thunderhill (with my son Brandon Sullivan) this Sunday and had a great time. I particularly enjoyed your 20-minute lecture to the B's on the turns at T'Hill. I have been at T'Hill with two other providers and heard some of the same information before, but your lecture was by far the best and most useful I have heard, and it had immediate benefits. Thanks!
-- Bill Karns 5/5/03

Thanks for a great Novice track day. This was my first day out on a track and the whole experience was great. The best part was the high availability of instructors and their ability to communicate. They were all great. Jeff and Kevin in particular. They all were very clear with instructions and demonstrations.

The alternating track time (A vs B) format was perfect. It gave us time to digest track instruction, relax and consider new information. The lunch was great. Thanks again for the great organization.
-- Peter Glynn 4/23/03

I wanted to thank you for the great time I had at my first track day on 4/20/03 at Thunderhill. It was a birthday gif from my girlfriend Nikki Freeze who had also attended. Thanks again for all of your time and correspondences with her back in November in putting together a great gift.

I have to tell you....I was pretty nervous. However, the professionalism and information you provided at the riders meeting, as well as the "sighting laps" were worth their weight in gold. I appreciate the time you took in following, and leading me around the track. I especially appreciate you hunting me down in the pits to share your constructive criticism. It was well taken and again, greatly appreciated. Your company and organization are truly one of top notch caliber. I look forward to many more track days with K@TT, as well as signing up for one of your intermediate classes in the future. Thanks again Lance!
-- Gerald Aguon 4/21/03

I wish to say "thank you" for a truly great experience. In 30+ years of riding I can unreservedly say that this was the most exciting and most rewarding motorcycling experience I've ever had!

I think your format, alternating lesson with track time in 30 minute sessions, is ideal. This may not be true for the "youngsters", but I appreciated the break to let the adrenaline ebb, as well as to absorb everything that I'd experienced.

I want to pass along special kudos to "James" who helped me greatly during our one-on-one. In coming to your Track Day, I hoped to learn better braking and downshifting technique. After many years of riding and practice in the "twisties", I'm pretty facile with downshifting under braking, but synchronizing that with line, corner entry, has always been a challenge. When I explained that to James, he advised that I follow him and watch is foot for downshifting and "do what he did". After 2 - 3 laps (at my speed), things really started to click! Please pass along my appreciation to him.

Thanks again for an unforgettable experience!
-- David Harry 4/23/03

I'm back at work today after yesterday's Keigwin@theTrack novice day. I can't say enough good about it. The track timestructured in an alternating"more novice"/"less novice" format was great. It was great to be able to practice with people of similar ability in the "A" group. I was able to really focus on whatI was doing without having to deal with much slower or faster riders. The instruction during my times off the track was also great - and honestly, after 25 minutes of doing one-legged squats, I was ready for the break. My 1-on-1 instruction was very helpful, the day was organized very well and very professionally managed. The instructors were encouraging and knowledgeable.

Since you probably receive a lot of emails you may not remember that I previously asked if a photographer would be present at the track day. You responded with a photo of yourself dragging a knee arounda corner. While the knee dragging thing my be more symbolic than anything else I could only dream of dragging my own knees around corners. Although yesterday was my first track day, with the help of you and your staff I was able to make that dream come true and brought two "trophies" home for my wife and daughter to see :pucks scratched up from dragging my knees throughturns 6 and14 (I was "Yeehawing!"so much after the first time I did it that I was promptly passed on my way to turn 7) !

Thanks for the philosophy and the quality of organization that you execute your track days with.
-- Dale Jacques 4/23/03

I want you to know how much I enjoyed the track day, and what a well put on event it was. I have done quite a few different schools/track days/AFM races (retired), and love to get on the track. For pure fun, I think I had more good time Tuesday than any event I can remember. You did a great job, the event was safe, and everybody was really nice. I will be back.

Another great day at the track. I had so much fun I don't know what to say. I was a little concerned about the cold track and crashes, but it was a really low incident fun day.

You did it again. I am holding you personally responsible for the great time I had. I got out of bed at 4:30 AM (it was raining) and told myself it was foolish to drive all the way from Oakland to Willows, but the truck was loaded, so what the heck.) Great weather! Great temperature. Great sessions. I managed to get in 200 miles, which I have never done before, and just had a wonderful time.
-- Ernie Montague 3/4/03, 4/3/03, 5/7/03

Laguna was terrific. On the way out Jason (Colon) said "thanks for turning me on Lance's track days, this is a really terrific group of people who organize the day and the riders who show up really are good to ride with." I think he and I both recognize the quality of people who appreciate and attend your events: Their ability to ride safely and courteously, the friendliness of the people as a group, and their desire to have a fun day. Of course Jason loved the lunch and could not believe how tightly you were able to hold to a schedule, even though I told him to expect it. Another great day on bikes, Thanks.
-- Bruce Monighan 12/5/02

I attended a two day Star school this September at Thunderhill.I had my first track day last fall and my second this spring, with another company also called a school but I suspect the instructors were there just to get track time. My point is I think you are a real "instructor" and I felt that you truly cared that my riding improve while I was there. You pulled me over and suggested that I get off the bike a little more. You told me to try to ride with my thigh on the seat and in reality maybe I'd get half a cheek off. So off I go back on the track past turn one into turn two thinking "thigh on the seat" and whoa! What was that? Holy sh*t! I just hit my knee puck! The whole rest of the day I was on the pucks almost at will, both left and right!

I'm 48 and have been riding on the street for a long time and wondered if this would ever happen. This is not only a lean angle gauge but also a skill level gauge. The confidence that I came away with is tremendous. I feel so fortunate that you came up on me and cared so much to pull me over and help. If anyone ever asks about Star, you, or your trackdays they will hear my version! I hope to see you at both your track days and Star next season.
-- Rich Covich 10/8/02

Just a quick thank you for the Great Day @ Buttonwillow Sept 23rd!! You know how to show a guy a good time! I've had two track days in my 30 years of riding, both this year and both with your operation, and I gotta tell you that they rank as the most fun I've ever had in 2 day's activity!! Thanks again for the professionalism, good instruction, and helpful staff :-) I'm looking forward to the next one! (...and wishing I was 20 yrs younger :-)
--Trace Britt 10/1/02

Thank you for your friendly, prompt and professional reply to my cancellation! You may find this note a wee bit strange but I have dealt with other track schools/organizers and have to say that lousy customer service seems to be the norm. So, thanks for GOOD customer service and I am sure I will book another track day with you guys - and ride it this time!
-- Sabine Axt 9/24/02

You know, there's a reason I'll only do your trackdays: The level of customer service provided. I've never been disappointed by any part of your trackdays and appreciate the level of professionalism in evidence in your whole operation.
--Ray Duval 9/11/02

What I love about Lance's operation is the protection he either consciously or coincidentally affords us from any friction at track events. The riders I see at K@TT events are largely looking to wrestle with their chosen learning curve while having a good time and *caring* about their fellow riders' pursuit of the same!

Other track organizations unfortunately crowd the diversity into their days with less of a Keigwin-like *context*. I think they could learn from Lance a lot about how to cater to like-minded archetypes... and create special days for novices etc.

Hoooo baby! THAT was an awesome track day!!! Laguna in October... all I can say is--if this ever happens again, I'll be banging on Lance's window at 3am to make sure I get my spot! <;-D Once again, the Keigwin track day way reigns supreme! Nice job Lance!
--Steven Fisher 9/4/02 & 10/24/02

I thoroughly enjoyed your Novice Track Day at Thunderhill on Tuesday. You all did a great job. Your flow of a "safety brief, then sighting laps, then remainder of the brief" was perfect. My attention span has never been good and that, combined with excitement over the first track day, would have been too much for me to do any productive info uptake after the first 30 minutes. Well done. Can't wait to get back on the track.

I've only worked with four different track hosts, but by an overwhelming margin your instructor staff is the most personable and approachable. Three years ago I'd never ridden a motorcycle -- your group has really helped me make some tangible breakthroughs.
- Dennis J. 8/29/02 & 6/29/03

In my opinion, Lance and Linda's K@TT program is the best open track day riding program offered anywhere , always totally professionally run, maturely administered, and typically drawing on more track savvy individuals. From what I've seen, Lance never ceases to do everything in his power to provide the safest environment for folks to enjoy their track day experience.

I always enjoy riding at K@TT events, as the folks that are regulars are always a great group, and the hospitality, lunch spread, and quality of track program provided, is definitely the gold-standard!
--Gary Jaehne 8/28/02

I just wanted to send a thank you for letting me participate in the novice school. I found it very, very helpful in finding new reference points at the slower pace, and the feedback from the instructors was excellent - especially seeing my 'errors' on video. That was an excellent addition to the format. The option of attending some of the classes and being able to practice on the track was a great combination and we would definitely be interested in attending any 2 day events that you are planning.
Simon Williams 8/28/02

I wanted to send you a quick note and let you know what a great time my wife Melissa and I had at your track day @ Thunderhill on Sunday, July 28th! You organized a great event and your group of riders were some of the best and safest I have ridden with on a racetrack. Everyone who has done any track riding knows how important it is to ride with a good, safe group and you seem to attract the right kind of riders to your events... oh, and your lunch was good too :-)

Again, thanks for a great day and we will be checking out your remaining dates for 2002 to get back to Thunderhill with Keigwins@theTrack ASAP!
--Scott & Melissa Schwanbeck 7/31/02

Though we didn't meet and shake hands, I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for putting together a really fine event for this virgin trackster. After the first couple sessions, where both the unfamiliarity with the course and the overall newness of the entire gig (along with not a little apprehension about not being a danger out there to the faster riders), I settled right in and really had a blast. The chalk talk was a definite plus -- my action on turns 1, 5 and 10 all really improved in the afternoon. I look forward to the next one. Best regards,
--Dave Sapsis 7/31/02

With all the talk about a track day on the SV650 list, I almost forgot to say thanks for a great day last Wednesday. It was my first track day and I had a blast!! The novice format is just what I needed. All the instruction really helped. What fun, riding as fast as you want on a great "road" without having to worry about debris, oncoming traffic, etc. I didn't do any lap times, but I did manage to improve my speed through the 2 turns that were most troublesome by 15 mph at the end of the day. The "easier" turns, of course were *much* faster. Your session in the afternoon really pulled together many points for me. Sitting close to the tank and elbow/forearm placement really made a difference in my riding. I know it helped on the track as well as on the street. Anyway, thanks again and hope to see you out there again some time. Now I know why some folks become "track junkies".
--Ray Osofsky 6/25/02

Thanks for a great day. I got exactly what I wanted out of my first day with you guys at a racetrack. No scratches. Good fundamentals, and basically a new way to ride my motorcycle. It feels similar to when I had my golf swing torn down by the local pro. I enjoy developing technique. The first strides feel huge. Thanks, I had a blast.
--Scott Eubanks 6/21/02

Keep up the good work. I attended your track day at ThunderHill on Monday and felt that this is the best run track day program in California. So keep it up!
-Donyel Jones-Williams 6/21/02

I wanted to let you know that I had the best time at your Novice Track Day on Sept. 18 at Thunderhill. I found the class sessions helpful and the hot track format great. I really appreciated your relaxed and friendly teaching style. The day was very non-threatening and non-intimidating, which made it much more fun to learn. Your instructors were also very nice and helpful. My one-on-one coach was Phil. I also got to ride as a passenger with Mark. What a thrill! Richard also helped me out for a lap or so. It was great to have all those coaches out there with us.

I know you must love riding and I really appreciate your efforts to teach us novices what you've learned through the years. We're very lucky that you've started these novice-only track days. You can bet I'll be signing up for the next one!

We attended your Novice Day at Thunderhill on June 19 and wanted to let you know again that you and your team put on a great day. We had so much fun and appreciated the safe and encouraging environment you created. We have a lot to learn and we are very fortunate to be able to participate in your events.
--Eileen Fujii 6/20/02 & 9/20/01

Just wanted you to know that I had a great day with your team at ThunderHill! Since it was my first time on a track, I'm glad I picked a Novice Day. Your lunch time discussion was very helpful and well worth the time. I plan on watching your schedule for the next available Novice day.

I'm attending 2 days of the CLASS riding school at Laguna Seca in November. Even though I should have a higher skill level on the track, I still want to attend your next Novice Day. I personally feel more comfortable with the low threat environment. Thanks again!

If memory serves me your "Novice Day" was worth every penny of that extra $50 dollars. In fact I have mentioned that class to everyone I know that has considered taking their bike to a track day. Most of them are like myself around 40 years old, average riding skills and GEEKS :-) They work with me or at Intel (Sacramento area). But, they always thought that track day was for the guys you see in Sport Rider magazine. I told them about your class and the relatively low stress environment the "Novice Day" offers. About the only thing you could change is to add a few more of them each season (to accommodate those with a very busy lifestyle). I almost have my dad talked into attending :-)

It's too bad there isn't a two group track day immediately following the "Novice Day". I would hang around for two days of riding!

We had a great time as usual. Never stop offering track days! I really enjoy your group! I've been to two of your Novice days and several of your two group track days. Please keep up the great job!
--Wayne Huntley 6/20/02 & 4/25/02 & 9/19/02

The track day was the most awesome time I have had on a motorcycle !!! You put on a great day that was safe and a lot of fun. I was in the B group and the tech talk that you had after lunch was informative. I wish I could have remembered half of the tips and applied them to the track, but in all the excitement it is hard to remember all of the good tips that you had, but then it was my first track day and the excitement was very high !!! I found myself remembering what you said after the turn, thinking, darn I should have tried it that way... Thanks for putting on a great event, my neighbor Chris and I will definitely return !!! Thanks !!!
--Dirk Dommaschk 6/20/02

I just wanted to thank you and your wife for the great day I had at Thunder Hill today. It was one of the best days I have ever had on a motorcycle. I won't be able to go again this year, but you are sure to see my name again next year, hopefully a couple of times. I hope you never get tired of organizing track day, so fool like me can enjoy themselves. Thanks again and see you next year,
--Aaron Debely 6/17/02

I greatly appreciate your integrity and consideration, from your asking about announcements at the track-days to your solicitation of ideas regarding what to do about people who take advantage of your generosity, etc. You run an extremely classy operation in all respects, Lance, and it's one of the reasons I feel so completely comfortable in going out on the track with your groups, and why I talk about it so often with my friends. Thank you, yet again, for the terrific service that you provide to us in all respects!!
--Kevin Peet 6/4/02

I attend your track days in preference to anyone else's because the cost is reasonable, the food and company is excellent, and the track is open on the days I'm there. You're already the widely acknowledged king of track day sponsors around here, and I don't think you need to change a thing.
--Jeff Koch 5/18/02

I attended my first ever track day at Thunderhill Wednesday and am happy to say that it was everything I had hope for and then some. I have been meaning to get on the track for many years now and this experience certainly did not disappoint. The atmosphere and professionalism was outstanding; make sure you thank you staff for making the day very comfortable. One of your instructors helped me a great deal. And yes, even the lunch was tasty. I plan to attend more of your events and will try to drag some friends along as well.
--Gary McCollough 5/17/02

Thanks again for the Novice Day format! I feel like my riding has made quantum leaps after each one (two so far). Your coaching session was a big help. Melissa feels the same about the days and her coaching time with Linda.

Two-up rides with you were enlightening for both of us. I think she now understands the limits are SO much farther out, and I learned that 3 and 5a are places I need not tip-toe through so gently. We learned much more, so thanks again!
--John (BJ) Greissing 5/17/02

I just returned from my first Keigwin event as well as my first track day at Thunderhill (5/14/02). It was also my first outing with the expert group and the entire event was the best run track day of my six total track days. Awesome track day! Your crew was top notch! Count me in as a customer. I am getting my schedule ready for some more.

Not enough can be said for Lance and his strategy to keep groups down to a minimum and riding time up to a maximum.
--Joe Santilli 5/17/02

I really enjoyed the novice day yesterday. For your reference, I had the pleasure of working with Mark on a two-up ride and a one-on-one. I found his presentation friendly and informative. His recommendations regarding entry speed and body position resulted in remarkable improvements in my confidence and comfort (and speed).

Your presentation was extremely helpful in breaking down the mechanics of proper bike riding, and I will try not to "kill the chick", which was one of my riding flaws. During our classes, the track map and the documented lines were invaluable in visualizing and then executing my lines. When I sign-up again for your trackdays, I look forward to see you, Linda and Mark again.
-Wayman Lew 5/16/02

Sorry to bug you so soon but first, I wanted to thank you for such an outstanding day. This is the most instruction I've received during a track day, and I've done CLASS. It was the on-track instruction that was so valuable, and that the instructors would follow me for a while without me knowing, and then help me correct. I worked with three different ones today, and they were all great, provided both praise for things I was doing well and pointed out areas of improvement. It was really much more than I anticipated, and the in-class coverage was great. So, thanks, it was more than worth my investment.
--Julie Taylor 5/16/02

It seems that there is an abundance of track days available now, which in general, is a good thing. But there is such a discrepancy in quality. Keep up the great work, Lance. I hope to join you more often in the future.
--Charlie Wickliffe 5/16/02

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed Monday at Thunder Hill with you and your company. This was my second Keigwins@theTrack event, and I continued to be impressed with the enthusiasm. professionalism, and warmth that you, Linda and your team exuded throughout the event. I especially enjoyed your B group chalk talk after lunch. I went out and applied your gearing and line suggestions to the course and lopped 5 seconds off of my previous best lap time (!). The catered lunch, the ability to buy a lap timer from Linda, all of your help and positive energy made the day that much better. Keigwins@thetrack is a truly classy operation and I look forward to more events with you in the future.
--Taylor Walker 5/15/02

I had a great time at Thunderhill today May 14th, your track days are just getting better and more organized. It was really cool having an advanced rider squids! Close passing was good and everyone seemed to be respectful and very well behaved today. This was a great format! Keep up the good work!
--Aaron Smith 5/14/02

I thoroughly enjoyed being at your track day yesterday. You run it very well. Your track talk yesterday afternoon was the most enlightening (to me) of any that I have ever heard. Your mention of mph speeds gave me some targets to shoot for that I would not have without them.
--Locke McCorkle 5/14/02

Hey Lance, Everybody was right, you're a class guy! You helped me when you didn't have to. You will indeed see me signing up for a future day, the GF made me promise! Still look forward to meeting you regards
-- Jim Boynton 5/2/02

I thought you might like some feed back regarding the event last Monday. I 've done quite a few track days and several track schools and by far, your team put on the best event yet. I really liked the A/B organization (let's face it, no one can ride straight all day on a hot track anyway), and administration was very well done. Lastly, your brief but informative advice on negotiating the track helped to confirm much of what I already knew and helped immensely in a couple of turns that I was previously screwing up (amazingly, not the AFM turn though - go figure). Thanks again,
--Stephen McCarthy 5/1/02

I want to thank you for a well run track day at Sears. It was my first time as one of the rider leads, but I have been instructing the AFM NRS for a couple years and found both your morning briefing and the organization of the event to be well structured and much safer than some of the other track days I've been to.
--Dale Palmer 4/18/02

Thanks for putting on an excellent track day on Tuesday. This was the first time my friend Dave Cook or I have attended one of your events and we agreed in conversation afterward that you folks put on an excellent day. I am just sorry that I did not make time to stop by your pit after the event to thank you in person.

I was a bit concerned about the "no groups" (I still say it is "one" group) format, but after experiencing it I have to agree that the format was just fine. All of us in our pit-group tended to get off the track on our own schedules, when we felt that we needed a break. I will recommend your events to friends and I look forward to attending others in the future. Thanks,
--Ron Paulsen 4/11/02

I had a great time at Thunderhill on Monday. This was my first track day, and hopefully the first of many to come. The day was well organized, and I found you and your staff to be very professional. I also think your organization is doing a great service to the sport by providing a proper environment for high performance riding and skill improvement. Best wishes,
--Jeff Lin 4/9/02

I was at the Sears track day Tuesday and although I thanked you then I wanted to take a moment to say thanks once more. Everybody wants value for their time and money, and you and your people certainly paid out more value than I paid in in cash. Well run day, more riding than I was ready for (legs are killing me today), safe courteous group of guys to ride with, and a killer lunch. On top of that it was my birthday and the best one in a decade.

Nice to know somebody takes customer relations seriously. Now if I could only sell my architectural practice and start a track day organization...naw, that would take all the fun out of it. I will leave the hard work to you. See you at Thunderhill in May.
--Bruce Monighan 4/4/02

Last Wednesday's Laguna date was by far the best track experience I've had. Your track days seem to go the smoothest out of all the dates I go to. The great food, people, and weather elevated the experience even more. I actually liked that morning rain as it gave me a chance to ride at a speed where I'd see/feel all the grooves in the track. Thanks!
--Simeon Yep 3/11/02

I'm sure you are getting a lot of positive comments on your novice days. I'd like to add that I've really enjoyed them myself. I'm not a competitive person, so the relaxed mood on the track is perfect for me.

I hope some spots are still open later in the year. I commute every day on my bike (even in the rain, I love the rain except for big painted arrows on the road.) The instruction I've gotten from your coaches have improved my street riding. Not to mention I've gained a ton of confidence. I do hope to go to some later next year.
--Mark Johnston 11/18/01

All three of us really enjoyed the track day last Tuesday at Laguna. It was very professionally run and made for a great day. I am looking forward to being able to sign up for many more days in 2002. Regards,
--Paul Nahi 10/26/01

I just wanted to tell you that the feedback I got from other participants as well as my own experience at Tuesday's Novice Day was wildly positive. Having attended CSS Level I and II with Keith Code, I have to say that your talk in the afternoon and the half hour on the track with Mark Kitaoka did more to improve my riding than either of those two (expensive) courses. I do have to give CSS credit with teaching me throttle control, but after riding with Mark (and then riding Wednesday using what I had learned) I have to ask the question on everyone's mind - when will the Keigwin School of Performance Motorcycle Riding be opening for business?!

I thought the day was great - Linda, in addition to being an incredibly smooth rider, was an inspiration to women at the event, the Coaches were incredibly polite, professional and of course knowledgeable and I don't think anyone had less than the best "first time" track experience they could have hoped for.
--Jeff Viets 9/20/01

Lance & his wife Linda put on some of the best track days I've been to anywhere no matter your skill level. In fact, I'm signed up to attend 4 of their last 5 track days this year.
--cRa1g Smith 10/9/01

Hi Mark- Just wanted to say thanks for the help during novice day at Thunderhill. Your tips really helped me out with my body positioning. I must say, the thrill ride you gave me and my wife was very educating. Being newbies, we had no idea just how fast you could take turns 7 and 8. It's also a quick way to get a feel for braking levels and shift points, something you can't get from watching a video or viewing a hotshot as a bystander. That one ride was worth a thousand trial and error laps! It's something I would recommend for any newbie. Thanks again!
--Gary Fujii 9/22/01

Just wanted to let you guys know that I had the thrill of a life time. It was quite tough coming home and gearing into a work mode. I'm still blown away by the experience that I've had. The day was just perfect and the butterflies in the stomach...What butterflies? ;-) Looking forward to do many, many more of these in the future. Thank you again.
--Aletta Johansen 9/21/01

Lance, Linda, Mark, Kevin and all the other coaches, thank you for the great Novice day on Tuesday; and Lance, yes, it was one of the greatest days in my life (probably the best, but my wife might see this). And thanks for taking the time to show a beginner how to improve.

Lance, what helped me the most -- except for Kevin and Mark taking care of me on the track (thanks guys) -- was when you sat on the bike and talked about seating positions and where to look, etc. Especially the positions of my arms in a turn; on my way home I felt I was turning a lot better. And one more thing that you said was to do your downshifting first, then brake in that order. That is helping me a lot. Well anyway thanks again and I cant wait until the next one.
--Ola Fendert 9/20/01

Thanks again for a FABULOUS day. Everything was just great and we're looking forward to more Novice days next year, although I'm not sure how long Bill will be a Novice. Get him into some leathers and I think he'll be ripping up the track in no time.
--Debi Phelps 9/19/01

Well, 6/18 was no fluke. The 9/18 day was also run very smoothly compared to other organizers I've ridden with. Kudos to K@TT for an outstanding day. It was my best experience with Thunderhill so far.
--Paul Gilbert 9/19/01

Just wanted to thank you for an awesome track day. I would like to repeat everything that Ian said and would also like to add that your afternoon lesson was spot on. Great information and I definitely would like to participate in more track days that are organized by you and your group. Awesome...and thanks again for getting me on the list on such short notice.
--Gerald Kwan 9/19/01

Thanks again for the great day yesterday! You sure know how to put on a first class track day. I had signed up for your track days at the recommendation of Chris Johnson but was a little nervous given high the level of riders that your days seem to attract. Up until yesterday I had only been to a CSS school and another open track day. CSS is a pretty controlled track environment and the open day only had 10 bikes so it was easy to stay out of others way. After being passed by countless riders throughout the day (less so in the afternoon, thank you very much:-)) I want to tell you that I am impressed with the group of riders you have managed to put together. Many are VERY fast yet they all seem to keep in mind that there are riders of greatly varying levels of experience. I can't think of one pass that I would have called too close or aggressive.

Thanks to Chris Johnson and your open track format, I found that my riding took another BIG step forward yesterday. Though I still laugh when I think about all the times I was passed on the outside by that guy on the 125! Thanks again, and I can't wait to do it again!
--Lance Doyle 7/17/01

I would like to extend my thanks to Lance and Linda for a excellent track day Monday. I not only enjoyed myself but I have a new found confidence about my ability to ride. I signed up for a one on one with Linda and she was very easy to learn from and understand. Your crew was great and the lunch was excellent. I'm truly looking forward to September. Thank you so very much,
--Pattie Murphy 5/24/01

I would like to thank you for such a great day at the track (April 2). Ali and I had a really good time. I must admit, being that it was our first "open" track day we were pretty intimidated once we saw all the serious bikes at the hotel, but after a few laps and seeing just how safe and ego-free the riders were we felt very comfortable. I actually felt more relaxed than at our DP class.
--Ian Gillies 4/12/01

You and Linda are really too good to us!!! I've really gotten addicted to riding on the track and that's thanks in no small part to my participation in your track days. Don't worry, I don't blame you for this addiction :-) Riding on the track has really opened up a whole new level of enjoyment for me. Before I got on the track, I used to like motorcycling. Now, I simply *love* it!

I, for one, really appreciate the time you take to organize these events. Even though you've been doing it for a while, I know there must be a lot of work involved in make sure that everything runs smoothly.
--Scott Storkel 3/7/01

Just wanted to say thanks for the dinner/raffle/social on Saturday, as well as all your hard work over the years. You two do a huge amount for the local motorcycling community; I know everyone appreciates it, but wanted to make sure knew just how much. Anyway, hope to see the 2001 schedule soon - with any luck I'll be able to make more/most of them this go-around...Thanks!
--Paul H. Yoshimune 11/15/00

I had a freakin great time. Good crowd, safe passing, courteous riders, and good camaraderie, all around it was great!! I achieved 2 goals for the day, and had a great feeling that the faster AFM racers did not loose me as quickly as last time. It was a great boost for my confidence to be able to hang with the big boys. Thanks for everything Lance. Keep up the good work, many of us appreciate it more than you realize.
--Karl Heinrich 9/20/00

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent track day yesterday. The riders, the safety aspects, and the general atmosphere was really great. The whole day was very relaxed - safe passing, and for the most part very courteous riders.

Being on a '97 stock CA F3, I really appreciate just showing someone a wheel and having them wave me by in the straights. Passing the bigger bikes can be pretty difficult sometimes. I never felt like I had to do any drastic passes, and I felt no one passed me too aggressively either. I tell you it was a real breath of fresh air after some previous days I've been to. Thanks again and hope to do another one soon. ps. the lasagna was really good too - thanks for being thoughtful of the vegetarians.
--Phil Kamp 9/20/00

Lance's track days are ideal to me--I can get on and off the track whenever I'm ready, which makes me more relaxed and therefore a safer, more attentive and more patient rider while I'm out there.
--Denise Howard 7/31/00

Thank you for hosting the track days at Thunderhill this past weekend. This is the second of your track days I've been to, and I think you and your group run a really *professional* event. Even the lunch was better than any of the track schools or other track days I've been to! Thanks again for organizing the track days. This was extremely fun, and I plan to be back!
--Gary Goldman 7/31/00

Awesome day of riding. Great job. It was about perfect. You da man. I hope I can do it again soon.
--Mel Hinshaw 3/16/00