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Posted Jun-14-2015 - Ken Hill will be teaching 3 class's a day, on a wide variety of topics.  So every Ken Hill day that you attend, you will have a chance to attend new classes.  We want to make sure we have the safest, most well trained riders possible!


And we are doing all of this at no extra charge to you!  We just want to bring you more services for your buck!  


You will see a little Ken Hill coaching icon on our calendar to let you know which days he will be there.  Come on out and get your Ken Hill on! 



Posted Jun-11-2015 - We Just Picked Up Saturday November 21st, and Sunday November 22nd at THUNDERHILL EAST, 3 mile course! $150 a day.

And don't forget we have November 24th and 25th at LAGUNA!


Posted May-20-2015 - We have added November 24th and 25th!  It's one of the most beautiful times of the year in Monterey, so come on out and enjoy it with us!
Posted May-01-2015 - We know that many of you would rather camp in the paddock at Laguna Seca than spend too much at marginal motels.

So for 2015 we're including free camping at all Laguna events. Come out and party with us!

Next Event... Wed | Nov 25  Mazda Laguna Seca!

Our motorcycle track events offer a wide variety to appeal to different rider interests but they all share our simple philosophy that becoming a better, safer rider demands controlled conditions, capable help, and a well run program. There is no safer place or better learning environment than a racetrack, and no program more demanded than ours.

We have more than 17 years experience running hundreds of events for thousands of riders. We've learned what you want and enjoy. That's why Keigwins@theTrack events are California's most popular.

We work hard to ensure your safety. Our events are closely supervised by professional corner workers and by our on-track instructors. We never crowd the track in spite of demand. Unsafe, overly aggressive riding is never tolerated.

We are proud to be a very popular track event host, with a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, a no-nonsense approach to safety, and a compulsion for organization.

  • Our acclaimed two-day schools focus on specific riding levels: novice and intermediate. Each offers maximum track time and one-on-one help from our staff of 25 regular instructors, classroom lessons on key topics, and training through on-track demonstrations and critique. Since students share similar abilities, lessons are targeted to your level.
  • Non-school events ("trackdays") offer two formats: Two or three groups, where riders are separated according to speed and skill, and groups rotate time on the track. Trackdays are perfect for working on skills and building confidence without concerns over the hazards of the street. For maximum fun bring a buddy!
  • New Racer Schools ("NRS") certify riders for racing with the American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM). The AFM is the country's oldest racing club, and offers riders the chance to compete in numerous classes at premier racetracks in California. Our schedule page lists dates for these NRS schools (and they are conveniently packaged with a full track day!).

Ride safely, and ride well. But please take the fast stuff off the street and onto the track!

Posted Jun-21-2014 - Yes, it's still possible for you to attend a track day with us if you are visiting and your motorcycle is miles away or out for repair. Check out for Kawasaki bike rentals.

Posted Feb-13-2014 - All bikes are measured for sound, every lap. If your bike exceeds 90-92dB it will be flagged off the course. You will be given a second chance. However, a second violation bans the bike from the track for the day. If your bike's intake and exhaust systems are "stock" you will be given a third chance. (A "free" test can be arranged to give you a feel for how loud your bike is. This will be discussed in the morning riders meeting.)

Aftermarket pipes are prohibited unless they have commercially-made quiet baffles ("dB killers", etc.). Jay Murray's custom-made "quiet inserts", are acceptable. Contact Jay at 831-659-4729 or email

Track day ticket packs. Terrific discounts for multiple events. Read more

8th day free. After attending seven regularly paid events select a free one. All must be within the same calendar year. (n/a at Laguna)

Group rates. For every 7 regularly paid group spots the 8th is free (n/a at Laguna). Contact us to set it up for your group.

VIP passes. Each ultra flexible pass guarantees a spot at every event and may be sold to others. A very limited number of VIP passes are available. Contact us for more info.

Project Serenity attends most of our events. Correne Cook, CMT will help you feel and ride better by working those tight and cramping muscles. See her early since her daily schedule fills fast!